DIY Stompbox Gallery

Maestro Phaser

What it does: Phaser
What it's based on: Maestro Phaser

Madbean's most excellent Stage Fright phaser. Based on the Maestro but with a switchable additional stage for some alternate sounds.

I needed to make myself a new one as I foolishly sold my last one in one of the purges. Curses!

Cyborg Bette

What it does: Phaser
What it's is: MXR Phase 90

P90 clone for Mr Pitchfork on a Fuzzdog PCB.

Bad Stone

What it does: Phase/Vibrato
What it's is: EHX Bloodstone Phaser

Lectric-FX continues it's run of vintage EHX clones with the Bloodstone (Bad Stone) Phaser. Really impressed with this one, very quiet (for an old EHX) and a great phaser. As with all of these, I've gone a bit traditional with the decal. Don't know why I always do this with old EHX stuff, but I once again felt the need to do so.

PS-1A Mini & Maxi

What it does: Phaser
What it's based on: Maestro PS-1A Phase Shifter

A PS-1A clone built on AlanP's PCB and squeeeeezed into a 1590BB. We modify these quite heavily to play nice with guitar. Details below.

A bit of a mess inside due to said moddage. Also we had issues with the proximity of the clock to the output jack (I put it right on top of it...) and we ended up needing to shield the jack itself as well as the input and output lines to eliminate the clicking.

Another full sized one built on an etched board by Haberdasher. This one for Jim. Bit of a nightmare build this one (it happens, just one prob after another), but came alright in the end.

Finally Phil K's mini. It might look a bit messy inside but it's all keeping the signal away from everything else. The last one we built we ended up having to shield everything. This one we've got the same result through a bit more sensible routing of wires and jacks (ie, nowhere near the LFO!).

Shoot The Moon

What it does: Tremolo
What it's is: CJ's Shoot the Moon Tremolo MkII

We use these things all the time in multi's, this is the first stand alone I think I've built! CJ's STM2 built on a Grind Customs Electric Boogaloo PCB with Rej's Mods for MOAR.

2nd for Mr Pitchfork for the wobblage.

3rd is Mr Greenwoods hula girl.

4th one is for the stash. We really should have one of these!


What it does: Tremolo
What it's based on: Forced Fire Stutter Tremolo

A Forced Fire Stutter Tremolo with Cj's mods. Another recycled enclosure, which determined the completely unrelated decal (dark down the middle to hide the filled holes).

Small Clone

What it does: Chorus
What it's based on: EHX Small Clone

My other favourite chorus, this is an EHX Small Clone clone, this time on a Stomptown Penny Royal Chorus PCB. Nice board!

Same decal as ever, just rejigged a bit for this slightly bigger enclosure.

Clone Theory

What it does: Chorus/Vibrato
What it's based on: EHX Clone Theory

Another Haberdasher/Scruffy colaboration, this time a Clone Theory clone on a Celeste Chorus PCB. A bit of a departure for me on the decal again, like I did for the Small Clone, it's a clone of the Clone Theory design. Came out quite nice I thought.

Spock's Harp

What it does: Phaser
What it's based on: EHX v1 Small Stone

A Small Stone clone built on Haberdasher's Space Harp PCB. I've called it Spock's Harp as that's the decal it would have had if I'd a plain 125B enclosure available. As it is, it's gone in a hammertone enclosure I've had kicking around for ages.

Ha! Cleggy wanted one, so I got to use it. /happy


What it does: Vibrato
What it's based on: Ff(x) fundraiser Duovibe

Part of the Function f(x) fundraiser package, this is CJ's Duovibe. Full of throbby goodness.

PS-1A / A1-SP

What it does: Phaser
What it's based on: Maestro PS-1A Phase Shifter

Layout by JDub on DIYSB, etched by Haberdasher. The HA17458 opamps we got from Tayda work, which is good as other things we tried didn't.

We've made a lot of modifications to this to make it work better as a guitar effect (it was originally made for keyboard), so I'm just gonna sumarise them here:

  • Link the slow to be always on. This allows the effect to run true bypass.
  • Replace the resistor on the output with a 220nF cap, then run a 1M resistor to ground after it. That gets rid of the DC on the output which otherwise causes popping when you stomp it.
  • Replace the 2n5087 on the input with a BC559C. That addresses the volume drop that is otherwise really noticable now it's true bypass.
  • Add the anti-RFI caps. Because without we got radio interference.
  • Add an klon buffer on the input. That addresses the loss of highs that's inherent in the circuit otherwise. It also helps eliminate the vol drop.
  • Use this bipolar power supply. It's the only one we've used that gives no issues whatsoever (no ticking).

  • Doppelganger / Mini Doppelganger

    What it does: Phaser
    What it's based on: Lovetone Doppelganger v4

    Built using LaceSensor's layout and most excellent instructions, on a PCB etched by Haberdasher. I also need to give props to Soldersqueeze of the Madbean forum for sending me some Futurlec 2A LDRs gratis, you da man! For reference we used LM324 / LM358 in LFO side and TL074 / TL072 in audio side.

    I omitted the expression pedal and dry out jacks because I'll never use them. Theres a bit of a twist on the pots as that's how they went in. As it was uniform I left them as they were. Oh and the indicator LEDS aren't soldered in on the top of the board pic, which is why they're wonky.

    The second is on Alan P's minidoppel v2.1 board. I think it's the first time I've called something that fits into a 1590XX mini before, but it is in comparison to the other. Works perfectly and is very wee.

    The Gunslinger / Cardinale

    What it does: Tremolo
    What it's based on: Jon Patton's Harmonic Tremolo

    Built on a 1776 Effects Cardinal PCB, this is Jon Pattons Harmonic Tremolo. A fantastic effect that sets out to emulate harmonic tremolo from Fender's 1960-1963 amps.

    The only thing I should have done here is added the wave pot outside for the standard tremolo mode. The next one will fix that. I've got it on a nice compromise setting as it is.

    Cleggy's Cardinale has the wave pot and random Malleus art as we had no clue what to put on there.


    What it does: Vibrato/Chorus
    What it's based on: Univibe

    Yep it's a classic Univibe built on Madbean's Harbinger One PCB. Loving it. More Malleus artwork on this, I love their stuff!


    What it does: Phaser
    What it's based on: Grind Customs Tourbillon

    This is an interesting optical phaser. It's an easy build, but it takes a bit of fettling to get right. It's not quite there yet. We'll get Cleggy's done then we can make a few more changes to see if we can get it nailed on. The phasing is currently spot on, we just need to tweak it a bit more to get unity gain. Pic is The Terror of Mecha-Godzilla. Because I can.

    Update: R13 & R14 are correct on the schematic, but not on the BOM (they're backwards on the BOM) so you need to swap them around. Change R11 to 100k and R12 to 390k. That fixes the unity issues. We also found that a 3mm clear orange LED offered the maximum sweep without it going into mad oscillation. I really love this now. It's really unique, sort of a vibro-wahphaser. I actually prefer it to the Mutron II.

    Stage Fright / Get to the Choppa!

    What it does: Phaser
    What it's based on: Maestro Phaser

    Madbean's most excellent Stage Fright phaser. Based on the Maestro but with a switchable additional stage for some alternate sounds. My personal favourite phaser.

    GTTC is Lew's, more Arnie!

    Small Clone

    What it does: Chorus
    What it's based on: EHX Small Clone

    My other favourite chorus, this is an EHX Small Clone clone, layout by Baja, etched by Haberdasher.

    Same decal as Cleggy's, just rejigged a bit for this enclosure.

    Phase Your Own Universe

    What it does: Phaser
    What it's based on: Mutron Phasor II

    Bangerang101 did the schematic and layout, refined by Madbean and etched by Haberdasher. I thank you all as this is a very unique and cool sounding thing.

    Based on the Mutron Phasor II, it's a 6 stage optical phaser. I've used a variation of the Epica album cover as the other pedal I had with it on has been recycled and I like it lots. It sort of suits the effect too.

    Captain's Phaser

    What it's based on: MXR Phase 45

    Madbean's Smoothie PCB. Brilliant, tiny Phase 45 clone.

    This, and the boards below, all have 1/4W resistors rather than 1/8W because they were originally built to go into a multi effect project that I never got around to doing. It caused problems and I'd recommend using the smallest parts possible for any of this mini projects.


    What it does: Leslie like sounds
    What it's based on: A pair of ROG Tri-Vibes and our Leslish board

    This started as a conversation in the pub between Cleggy and me after we'd built the Josh's Multiplex. It's stretchy tape circuit we decided could be used to ramp up and down a pair of Tri-Vibes with a bit of fettling and we thought a DIY leslie effect could actually work. Which is really the main thing that's stopped anyone doing this in the past.

    That actually turned out to be the easy bit. The splitting of the signal into high and low frequencies so they can run at slightly different speeds and get that cool phasey sound ended up being far more complicated than we thought we could get away with.

    We had it working within the week I think, but it's taken us ages to get it boxed up. The build thread is over on Madbean's forum here. Haberdasher etched us the dual Tri-Vibe board.

    Sound clip

    Cyber Girl

    What it does: Chorus
    What it's based on: Boss CE-2

    This is my old Madbean Pork Barrel v2 Frog Chorus rehoused in a much more sensible manner.

    This build is very suseptable to clock noise if you build it like I did the first time. Indeed bean's v3 board had board mounted pots. I've done the next best thing here with the earlier board.


    What it does: Chorus
    What it's based on: Boss CE-2

    Built for Martin of MJW Amps using Madbean's Pork Barrel PCB. Still the best chorus out there. Road Rage charge pump lurking underneath running the effect at 15v.

    The second Angel is mine. This is because Martin sold his for too little money, so I bought it back and sold my Cyber Girl. Then he decided that he loves the CE-2 again and buys it back and I'm left CE-2less. So I've made another for me. Bah! ;)


    What it does: Virbato & Tremolo
    What it's based on: Madbean Quadrovibe

    Madbean's Quadrovibe on a board etched by Haberdasher. Looking very familiar if you've been in Cleggy's gallery. Heard his, loved it, had to make one for me

    Getting it into this enclosure took a surprisingly large amount of effort. Cleggy had similar trouble with his. Odd.


    What it does: Flanger
    What it's based on: MXR 117

    Built on the Madbean Collosalus board. Ideal for EVH stylie flanging excess.

    Current Lover / Electric Mistress

    What it does: Flanger
    What it's based on: EHX Electric Mistress

    Built on the Madbean Current Lover board. Seeing as my name was chosen for the board, I couldn't call mine anything else now could I!

    Running at 15V from a charge pump under the board. Mad flanger. Like it.

    Another Electric Mistress. This one for Phil. Same as above but using the Storm decal I used on Cleggy's build.

    Frog Chorus

    What it does: Chorus
    What it's based on: Boss CE-2

    A pig of a build based on one of Madbean's Pork Barrel PCBs. Took ages to find the bad joint I'd made in it initially. Once that was sorted I boxed it up and got a load of clock noise. Entirely all my own fault. I didn't look which connections were where on the PCB when I did the decal, making them all cross over each other. To cure it I ended up wrapping them in metal tape then grounding the tape. Perfect, but far from pretty.

    Bah, OCD gets the best of me again. This is getting rehoused ;)

    Ultravibe Pleasure 2000

    What it does: Vibrato
    What it is: RunOffGroove Tri-Vibe

    This is a ROG Tri-VIbe. Board was fabbed by Haberdasher. Another that does what it says on the tin most excellently.

    Tremble Oh!

    What it does: Tremolo
    What it's based on: Madbean's Double Flush

    Another built on one of Madbean's awesome PCBs. This is his tremolo pedal and rather good it is too.

    Rather random skeleton theme (oddly it was done at the same time as the Octgrave, I'm obviously going through a phase...). Pumpkin flashes with the led inside the case. Works well when it's dark, not so well when it isn't.

    Zombie Tramp

    What it does: Phaser
    What it's based on: MXR Phase 45


    Built for Matt. His brief was; 'a Phase 45 clone with a picture of a zombie on it'. I think I've delivered that ;)

    Built on a GGG board for ease of getting it into a MXR sized box.

    Little Angel

    What it does: Chorus
    What it's based on: Frequency Central Little Angel

    Very clever little circuit! Sounds amazing considering it's simplicity. Another win for Frequency Central.

    Big thanks to Rick for sending us a couple of PCBs too. Top, top man.

    The Hypnotoad

    What it does: Phaser
    What it's based on: Frequency Central Causality 4 Phaser Mk2

    Rick Holt's really quite brilliant and flexible phaser. LEDs blink with the speed of the LFO.


    Trek Phaser

    What it does: Phaser
    What it is: BYOC Script 90 Phaser kit
    What it's based on: MXR Phase 90

    Built to stock Phase 90 specs, no mods planned. Again, it could only be something Star Trek related. I should have made the knobs Stun and Kill now I think about it.

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