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The Disclaimer
a note on clones & DIY stompage

Because of the tolerance of components, the accuracy of the schematics and how they're built, no clone is going to sound exactly like an example of the original pedal. As such when I say something is a clone, I say it's 'based on' whichever pedal it's a clone of.

I also try and credit the peeps I've got PCBs from and the like. I'm not trying to claim credit for anything that isn't mine. If it seems that way, it's not on purpose and I apologise. The Boobtube for example, was based on an idea that someone else came up with first (as are most things to be fair), which we then tweaked quite a lot. Plus we've thrown that one straight back to the DIY community to build should they wish to. Indeed TH Custom sells a PCB for it now. Rully is doing one for the SuperJudge, and there are some others that will exist in one form or another at Grind/IDA. Which is the whole point of this. As without that community, we'd have no cool pedals to build.

My parting thought is thus; the pedal market is full of contradiction, hypocrisy, deception and ever so inventive marketing bullshit. Yet within that same market there are some really cool guys turning out some great gear, and I like to think that we can all co-exist. So I really don't want to piss off the enlightened guys who are currently supportive of the DIY scene.

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